Eaglesight History


Eaglesight takes its roots from China since 1998history5.jpg, when the founder and the current CEO, Denise Zhang, got inspired to start the business in camping sphere in order to supply others with camping gear, as she used to be having many outdoor activities and had a lack of equipment at the time. 

Nowadays Eaglesight a leading wholesale camp gear supplier with a variety of camping and outdoor equipment serving the whole world from China. Within the lifespan, Eaglesight has gained an exceptional experience to serve clients from different countries in a professional manner, apart from up with the times manufacturing process, product design and marketing. 

The products that Eaglesight specializes in include hammocks, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, tents, tent accessories, dry bags, camping furniture and others, where the first two are the initial and the most demanded products. 

Eaglesight established a supply chain with a number of big and leading brands in US, UK and Germany, as well as around the whole world and keeps expanding the business. The goal is to establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships, despite the short-term profit, as we provide qualitative products with outstanding service and always ready to ensure clients with our samples. Quality and stability are the key features that brought great global reputation.