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    Chief Executive Offi

  • Eaglesight-LunaMore››

    Luna deals with the numbers, as she calculates all the debits/credits and manages all the financial transactions. Yet she is not a snobby person, she is very outgoing and likes to contribute to the society; she has been conducting many charity activities on behalf of the company for the locals who are in need of help, since the time she joined Eaglesight in 2008. Luna's overall working experience starts from the year 2000. She graduated from Jilin Agricultural University in Polytechnical major.

  • Benjamin Huo (Mr.)More››

    Senior Sales Ma

  • Eaglesight-MaggieMore››

    Maggie is the manager of the Merchandise Department, responsible for merchandising and shipping. She takes care of every order, with the best quality of products, and best price, and shipment on time. 8 years of experience on international trade business makes her good at dealing with every problem happened to orders. And she will lead her teams to make every order going smoothly after the orders signed, and gives you their best service.

  • Eaglesight-DiamondMore››

    Diamond Wu has been working in the design since 2010. She now takes a position of a sales excutive at Eaglesight and she graduated from Harbin Normal University of visual communication design.

  • Eaglesight-NancyMore››

    Nancy is from North of China. She joined Eaglesight by the beginning of 2014. Product and service knowledge she got during the studies makes a good flow of business within the company. Nancy graduated from Heilongjiang University of Business English with Bachelor Degree.

  • Eaglesight-LevyMore››

    Levy is a merchandiser in the Merchandise Dept, she’s responsible for customer. 10 years of experience of merchandising and knowledge make her professional at work. She is an organized person, everything in her hands will be organized well, like documents and samples. Good technical ability of forms keep her work going smoothly without mistakes. She is a very reliable worker at work, and a good mother at home. She’s also a good team worker, she has patience to teach and help other colleagues. She will keep giving you professional service.

  • Eaglesight-AudreyMore››

    Hi this is Audrey He,Brand Executive form EAGLESIGHT,I am response for making analysis and planning on how Eaglesight is perceived in the market. Developing a good relationship with our major market in Europe and North America.I also take charge of Eaglesight Alibaba,If you have any product interested,visit https://eaglesight.en.alibaba.com

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